Film & TV

Arlene attended the Award winning and world-renowned   Delamar Academy, within Ealing Studios, London. She studied makeup and hair for film, T.V., fashion, weddings and  theatre under prestigious Oscar, BAFTA & Emmy Award winning tutors. She has received training in every aspect of hair, wigs and make up from 18th century to the modern day.

Specialising in special effects makeup and prosthetics, Arlene has been the chief make up artist for countless international short films and a successful award winning feature film, ‘Mad, Sad and Bad’. She has also provided services for major music productions.

For four years, Arlene was the chief makeup artist for ESPN Classic. She has worked with some of the most famous, international sports professionals, presenters and commentators, such as David Ginola and Gary Imlach, Georgina Bingham, Fiona May. She has also worked with members from the well known BBC production;

“It was the best I have ever looked, Arlene is brilliant to work with”  Mark Perry, Film Director

“My short ‘Finis’ won best short film at the International Swansea Film Festival, and I feel that the work that she did was definitely a contributing factor”  Tom Preston, Film Director, U.K

Arlene is our first choice of make-up artist and we enjoy working with her immensely. She has worked on all of our high profile studio shows and has made up numerous well known sports people and broadcasters beautifully

She performs her job with energy, professionalism and with an absolute attention to detail. We find her to be positive, proactive and prepared for any situation.  Above all we value the way she takes responsibility for our talent and guests’ appearance during the duration of the shoot.

She has an amazing manner with talent and guests, we know they’re in safe hands with Arlene. This alone and the quality of her work ensures that she is a popular and valued member of the crew”   ESPN classic, London, U.K.

Having worked with Local Video Production companies such as Standpoint media, some of Arlene’s more recent clients include lady Mayoress and the Lord Mayors of Cork.

Arlene is also an active member of The Cork Screen Commission and is eager to work on local media and production.